May 24, 2018

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Thailand

The last time I visited Thailand I was just seven years old and the only thing I could remember is the amazing tasteful food.


Well, it still has the amazing food of course but this time I make new memories about Thailand which I think I should share with you too. It's a 6 days trip with the official Tourism Authority of Thailand in Indonesia along with 3 other girls and what makes it more interesting is we all come with different backgrounds. There are food, lifestyle, and travel expert and there's me on the fashion side. So the trip is obviously super fun cause we were not only visit Bangkok but also Chiang Rai (probably most of you haven't heard about this city, it's in northern Thailand and very near to Laos and Myanmar it takes only 45mins of driving). I always feel excited whenever I know I'll visit a place I never visited before and thanks to google cause I research it before about the city and they have plenty of interesting tourist attractions that make me to be excited even more. Let's just start and let me tell you the 5 reasons why you should visit Thailand :

1. They have the best food!

Of course no doubt everyone already knows that. We or most of my readers and followers are from Indonesia and of course we love tasteful food like Indonesian food right? Speaking about tasteful food, Thai food is one of those asian food which contains a lot of herbs & spice on their cuisine. I personally love spicy food but do not worry for those of you who can not eat spicy they also serve a good non-spicy food too. I would love to recommend my favorite place to eat during my trip is called Melt In Your Mouth (Chiang Rai), all the food are extremely good and I'm not even lying. Another plus point : the place is also tremendously pretty.


Melt In Your Mouth


2. So many good cafes

Yes I know it's actually kinda surprising for me too cause I did not expect anything especially in Chiang Rai where most of the people I know haven't heard the name before but it really has so many beautiful conceptual cafes. Two of my favorite are Ryo Kun & Chivit Thammada. Ryo Kun basically is a japanese inspired cafe so you can easily imagine how the furniture looks like with extra a giant Doraemon and Totoro statue. Ok, I have to admit Chivit Thammada is my most favorite, it's located exactly by the river with all the greens around and not only because of the beautiful vintage white house kind of concept they have but also the food is so presentable and extremely good.


Ryo Kun Cafe


Chivit Thammada


3. The historical buildings & temple

Lot of you ask me after you see the picture that I post on my instagram days before,  “Is the temple looks that beautiful in real life?” I mean of course yes. But the thing about the temple is it's the main attraction when you visited Chiang Rai so everyone wants to go there, little tips from me the earlier you come the better picture you'll get. We got a chance to visit two of the most famous temple in northern Thailand which are : Wat Rong Khun (White Temple) & Wat Rong Seur Ten (Blue Temple). The architecture details are undoubtedly insane, it's one of a kind temple I'm talking about. But if I have to be honest, one of the most memorable historical building for me it would be the Doi Tung Royal Villa. Unfortunatelly I can not share you the picture cause we're not allowed to take any picture inside not even with your phone, but what I can tell you is the story behind the villa is beyond. The princess used to live there and we had a tour inside the villa with every corner has details and story behind it. The princess does inspire me in so many ways.


Wat Rong Khun


Wat Rong Seur Ten


Doi Tung Royal Villa


4. Experience new things

Do you ever think that somehow your holiday is kinda boring? It's time to change the game, holiday is also a good time for you to experience new things, such as : learn how to cook! Yeah I know, it's a new thing for me too. Learn how to cook during your vacation, but why not? We had a chance to learn how to cook Thai food at Amita's cooking class during our visit in Bangkok and some of our dishes that we learn are : Coconut Rice & Papaya Salad, Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce, Green Curry Chicken, and of course my personal favourte Mango Sticky Rice. It's such a memorable experience cause we're not only learn how to cook but also they share so many knowledge about food and herbs in Thailand.


Amita's Cooking Class


5. Last but not least, I know you can guess it already : shopping it is.

Well, I don't actually shopping that much but I found so many good fashion stuff with affordable price. Just make sure when you visit Bangkok don't forget to go to Siam Center and some of the local market such as Chatuchak Market where you actually can find anything there. Literally anything.




And, that's my top 5 reasons why you should visit Thailand. If you miss anything from my trip you can watch it from my instagram stories cause I already put it on my highlight. Thankyou for reading! xx




- E

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