September 13, 2017

Yayoi Kusama Exhibition

Now as you read this article the Yayoi Kusama's Life Is The Heart Of The Rainbow is no longer exist at Singapore's National Gallery.


I am that typical of girl who don't mind to spend hours in a museum and just stare. I know this Yayoi Kusama Exhibition thorugh instagram months before but finally got a chance to witness the artwork by my own eyes two weeks ago. Yayoi's works gave me goosebumps everytime I came in from one room to another and read the description behind every single artwork she made.


What amazed me the most is how she could turn her fear and traumas into her relief and salvation. “I'm genius” once she said. I totally agree once I read some of her interviews with WWD (you can read the full interview here)  and I'll share some of her answer that will make you agree with me about how genius she is.



WWD: Is it true that you started your polka dot technique at the age of 10?

Y.K.: My mother was against me being an artist. She just wanted me to marry a rich man. She was so angry when I started painting that she never gave me any money to continue. Other people   me financially and bought my paintings. Georgia O’Keeffe proposed that I live with her. She was in New Mexico then and I wanted to be in New York.


WWD: How have you managed to be so prolific?

Y.K.: When I decided to go to the States, I burned all of my paintings from the previous 10 years. I didn’t want my family to throw them away because they were against the idea of me becoming an artist. I don’t know why I am so prolific. You should ask my hands. When I paint, some things come out and I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I have such talent as a painter. I am so happy about that. Here in New York, so many people are happy to see me. It moves me a lot. I don’t know where my energy comes from. It’s my hands that create faster than my head. It’s just the way it is.


WWD: You once said that had it not been for art you would have killed yourself. Do you still feel that way?

Y.K.: I feel that way exactly. There’s not one day that I don’t think about death. The fact that I paint helps me to keep these ideas away and continue.


WWD: How do you define beauty?

Y.K.: It’s myself. The definition of beauty is me.…In this world full of terrorism, war and things like that, I think art helps a lot. But I also think that fashion, like what Louis Vuitton does, helps a lot because it proposes a view of beauty to the world. The most important thing in the world is peace, happiness and love because the world around us has such hatred. If I can contribute as an artist, that is how I would like to use my life. I think as an artist I can deliver messages.





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