September 9, 2017

A Day at Lloyd's Inn

Do you guys have plan to visit Singapore sooner or later?


I just had a very pleasant pleasant stay in Llyod’s Inn and just have to share all about it. It is definitely the best place to stay and enjoy the very best of Singapore at the same time, being located in the heart of Orchard Road. If you ask me, I would 100% recommend Llyod’s to be your top choice in the next getaway!


First thing first, who could resist their beautiful room anyway? My one night stay is spent in the gorgeous Patio Room, one of the eight types of room you can find in Llyod’s, each capturing different kind of soulful nature. You can definitely see how they are taking hospitality so gracefully in every little touches in their space. Here in mine, I’m just pampered with their amazing outdoor bathroom, private deck, and feature lighting. Can I take this room home?



Llyod’s is exceptional. It is chic. It is definitely Instagramable front to back. I fall in love immediately with its minimalist architecture, straight from our favorite Pinterest board. Every single corners say good pictures out loud I lose count at the numer of pictures I took. But the best thing about Llyod’s Inn is that it’s not quite an ordinary beautiful hotel. More than its winning design, you can feel an ambience of convenience and comfort in the way they are handling the raw virtues of nature living. You just wouldn’t believe that this marvelous space is located in the buzzing Orchard!




I just had the most fantastic time, and I would definitely love to go back to Llyod’s whenever I got the chance. Being only one and half hour away, it’d make a great weekend getaway with beloved family and friends. Stay a night or two, escape and reconnect with the dazzling and soothing as always Singapore. Get breakfast in the food-paradise Killiney Road just next to the hotel. Visit the museums and galleries. Get lost in the MRT (but not too far!). Spend a little too much for that cute shoes in Orchard. Join the queue for salted egg snacks. Basically, relax your mind and soul here in Llyod’s, and maybe you’ll see me there!




- E

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