August 15, 2017


If you ask me to choose one city that I’d always want to go back, the answer is Paris.

This city left something in me, per my very first visit in 2013. Since then, it’s always been a pleasure for coming back. How can I possibly describe it by words; every corner of the Parisien Cafe, croissants that never fail, people who choose to sitting by the river to enjoy the city rather than sitting in the fancy restaurant, the streets of buildings with the same color and giant doors—and so many other things that I just can’t get over about the city of Paris.

This might be why I decided to visit one of my bestfriend, Carina, who's currently pursuing her master degree in fashion business back to Paris without a second thought immediately. I could definitely tell that she's one of my best partners to travel because of our joint curiosity in finding a good place to spend our time.


For you who plan to go to Paris sooner or later, here are some of my favorite places to go:



If you're looking for the best photo stop with The Eiffel Tower, Trocadero is the perfect one. It is not an exaggeration to name Trocadero as a must-visit Paris destination in everyone’s agenda, and I gladly agree.




This place is probably my favorite among all: a lot of paintings, cafe, and so many good photo-stop indeed! For me, Monmartre is so much more than the sparkly surrounding—it breathes Paris in your mind and soul.



3.Musee de Louvre

The famous museum, definitely. Their beautiful architecture gains global attention for a good reason, and it is exceptional indeed. One tip to get a perfect picture in Louvre is to play well with angle to capture the not-to-crowded side of the area.



4.Palace of Versailles

Officially everybody’s to go agenda in Paris, you who haven’t visited really should consider doing so. Room by room, have the jaw-dropping moment whenever your eyes catch the perfection sight.




Merci definitely serves one of the best coffees in Paris, with the hybrid bookstore and clothing store inside. Oh, it just put three of my favorite things in one sentence.



6.L'oiseau Blanc

Many of you who follow me on Instagram asked about this restaurant with breathaking view, here you got the answer. :)



7.Cafe de Flore

You have to try the omelette here, period. It is without doubt one of the best omelette I have eaten in my life! Figuratively, the best time to enjoy Café de Flore is by morning to get their famous breakfast.



8. Galerie Vivienne

Book junkies, you’ve been warned! Galerie Vivienne is living up to every bookworm’s wildest dream, with the most delicate architecture and seriously chic shops & restaurants. Must-visit for a stroll or two.



9.Palais Royale

Somewhere on your Instagram’s feed, you have seen the beautiful Palais Royale. Absolutely a great place to shop with garden surroundings, good vibes, and historical value.



10.Musee D'orsay

The last but not least, the very museum that exhibits names such Van Gogh and Claude Monet. I always make time to visit a museum whenever I travel, and Musee D’orsay is definitely one of the exceptional. The paintings and sculptures are all equally breathtaking; I can’t even.




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