August 25, 2017

How I Packed When I Travel

Recurrent question since forever : How do I pack when I travel without getting so carried away and taking just too much?


Put your hands up if you are one of those people who love to travel but hate to pack. Lol, don't be, let's make it fun, and I’ll tell you how, step by step!


Ok, let’s start from the main point. In this case for me, the first things to ask are: what bags and what shoes? Once you’ve decided about your bags and shoes, it's easier to choose your clothes. First of all, I basically prefer to choose basic black, brown, or white color wise.


At this occasion, I choose to bring my JW Anderson in brown and Proenza Schouler PS11 in red color (since it's my fave bag at the moment), then I start jumping onto what-shoes. Of course the most important thing to consider a shoes when you travel is whether ones are comfortable enough.  For me, I always need a white low sneakers whenever I travel because it matches with any kind of outfits. Then, of course a black or any dark color shoes, in which I choose my Toga Archives flats. Oh! But I need something catchy also for my basic outfit, and this Ports 1961 slip on I've been craving for a long time finally gets its chance to come out from the wardrobe.


Second step: Because I know it's gonna be a winter season, and if it is for you too, the second thing you need to consider is the outerwear, as you'll wear them wherever you go. Most of the time, your outerwear will cover all of your outfit inside, so pick the good ones! ;)

Again, I choose black oversized blazer from Pomelo. To match my stripes blue Ports 1961 slip on, I bring my perfecto suede jacket from Zara. See, how it becomes easier when you’ve already decided the shoes? Another tips are to choose different style for your outerwear such as blazer, crop perfecto jacket, and long knitted cardigan so it won't look boring in your holiday pictures. Yes, the last one I pick is the long knitted cardigan from Pomelo.


Third step: When you’ve already choosen the main points, it's easier for you to choose the tops and bottoms by seeing the color schemes that will match the shoes and bags. For bottoms again I choose different styles such as pleated midi skirt, mini skirt, mom jeans, and black pallazo.


Forth step: Accessories. Yes, my favorite part to bring your outfit to the next level. Hats & sunglasses are a must, and as you know how much of a beret girl I am, I bring my black and red one (of course because it matches well with my Proenza bag), and finally my newsboy cap to complete the trio.


Because you have practically heard everything, I'll share you my ultimate secret holiday tip here: I always write down my outfit one by one before I travel! Is it weird? I dont mind, lol because I think it's better than wasting your luggage space for some clothes you won't wear at the end of the day. Well, for a summer holiday it won't matter that much because you'll bring light clothes, but for a winter holiday? Hope this article helps!




- E

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