March 13, 2019

London Fashion Scout with Bateeq

Good weather, good vibe, and good surrounding. I know I’ll be back to this city much sooner rather than later! Second time here in London kissing the usual gloomy weather good bye, and I just love it even more.


Last month, I travelled back to this wonderful city and was so glad to be brought back by Bateeq to attend their very special runway. I had the pleasure of attending the special showcase at London Fashion Scout for their FW 2019 Collection along with the other three famed Indonesian designers. It was such a fun and glam week spent seeing how Bateeq never failed to recreate our traditional batik in clothes looking so stylish in front of all of the world’s eyes.




Bateeq’s Collection is called Arung, which directly translates into ‘to cross’ / ‘to sail through.’ It came from the idea of moving from one place to another, exploring seas in effort to discover new lands like ancient sailors here back in Indonesia would do. The overall collection are a ready to wear sporty chic look, in which they play with mid-tone color palette such as maritime blue, forest green, and touch of maroon. It successfully had brought the contemporary, modern feeling to our nation pride batik, no doubt!



Speaking more about their collection, here are three outfit I made from my favorite picks:



First one : The midi skirt! First of all, I love the material because it’s soft as silk but still have a texture on it. And of course midi skirt is always the easiest thing to mix and match—I would definitely wear it again to different occasion because how versatile it is. Well this time, I want to make it chic and wearable in cold London. I play layering with a black vest over a basic white shirt, and finish the look with a black socks boots.



Second one: Another easy piece to wear is the oversized sweater: it’s perfect for the cold weather after all. Because the sweater is already showcased some color blocks, I keep it simple by wearing mono color white for the rest of my look.



Third one, and probably my most favorite: Obviously the standout coat. You can wear the coat in many ways; you can unbutton the hem part to give out the drapery details like I do, or just wear it as it is. I matched it with stripes pants, and I officially loving this look so much!


So, which one is your favorite? Tell me about it!



-  ElxiElvina team

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