September 15, 2017


How to accept who you are? Be grateful.


Many people said the same thing to me: “I want your life”, which then I answered “No, you don't,” not because my life is not good enough, but because each of you are special for the way you are. Sometimes the harderst part is to not compare your life with others’. For me, the number one rule is TO BE GRATEFUL, as simple as that. And no, my life is not perfect. Nobody's perfect; it sounds cliche but like most of the time, it's true.


BUT HOW? First of all, learn to see the good side in everything even in your darkest days. I know it can be hard given the circumtances or dilemma you are facing at the moment, but once you know how, it's easy and soothing. Think about what makes you happy and focus on those rather than allocating yourself tiringly in what makes you not. Again after you know what makes you happy, it suddenly won’t matter what others think of you anymore. Do what you like and like what you do.


At the end of the day, always remember how grateful you are about the small little things that happened to you. It can be astrue as family and friends who's always been there for you, eating adozen of your favorite doughnuts (or those sinful slices of pizza), or as simple as that morning coffee you sip before startingthe routines. Stop comparing yourself with the others and rather, start loving yourself and BE HAPPY. :)


lensed : Andre Wiredja

brushed : Meiskhe




- E

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