November 6, 2017

How Do I Begin

A highly requested article on my website is revolving around the question about how to get to the state I am now. Even tho I’m still way far from a word of success, let me tell you how do I really began in the first place.


As some of you might have known, I went to a fashion design school, ESMOD Jakarta, in 2013 and have ever since graduated as a Womenswear Designer back in May 2016.I know my job right now is not something I really learned back then, but I was always sure that I'm on track to chase my dream. If you guys ask me, “How does it feel to be in a fashion school?” well, it makes you crazy like most of fashion students out there would answer, but I’d do it over and over again were I given the chance to turn back the time. Why? Because I knew it is my passion even back when I was in junior high. If any, I also knew it has to be ESMOD. So yes, I guess it is how I began, back in the classroom when I was so sure that I have to do this.


I still clearly remember the first time I did that OOTD picture using only my iPhone camera in thecampus’ parking lot. I was actually helping a friend out (she used to write a blog), and at some point she said, “Let me take a picture of you!” I always do my OOTD on the same place ever since. Well, OOTD thing was not a verycommon thing you'd do everyday back then, so it's quite obvious that I got eyes surrounding whenever I took one.It’s all different now, given how Instagram makes OOTD picture a basic thing for everyone with interest in fashion (or not)’s feed.


Long story short, I got featured by Instagram as a suggested user around January 2015. Being a suggested user of course grows the number my followers; quite a lot honestly. As you guys know, my Instagram is all about fashion so I further got featured on some fashion medias and websites. This is followed by some local brands approaching to do endorsement and the rest is history. Until now, I've got a chance to meet amazing people in this fashion industry that I can happily call friend.


Oh as I said, I'm so far away from a word of success, but I'm on my to chase my dreams, and I am more than grateful to tell you that I am happy now.


Brushed : Marcella Novianty ; lensed : Andreas WB





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