August 15, 2017


Hi, welcome to my very first article on my new blog! I used to write at 2014, and now I'm back with the new face of #elxielvinadotcom. I truly hope this brand new #elxielvinadotcom will inspire you guys in all sort of way, cause I'll share to you my bits sight around fashion, travel, lifestyle, and even my personal story! Anyway, don’t you guys like the new face of #elxielvinadotcom? You know, you can also have your own website (personal blog, shop, portfolio) and design it yourself by simply going to , even better they provide a team ( designer, programmer and content manager ) to help you create and manage your website !


Oops, I forget to mention that I have a first #elxielvinadotcom giveaway! Just simply follow the rules below :


1. Follow @elxielvina and @bobaweb 's Instagram accounts.

2. Comment what you wanna see more on my blog in the comment section below by signing up with your full name and email, or by your Facebook!

3. I will choose only one winner who will get “Too Faced The Power of Makeup By NikkieTutorials” at September 07th 2017!


 Too Faced The Power of Makeup By NikkieTutorials


Hope you guys all the goodluck and I'll see you soon on my next article xx


- E

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