January 10, 2019

Go Pink or Go Home

Believe me, pink is my childhood favorite color like literally I'm obssesed with pink. Until teenage day came and I think the color is just too pretty for me LOL. But you know what? Here I am 24 years old me considering this color as one of my favorite again.


This is my first ever article in 2019 and today it's my birthday, yes guys I just hit 24 today. Since I was a kid I always wondering how is it like to be 24 cause I saw my older sister having her first child at this exact age. It's crazy! Now I'm the one who's entering this age and actually there's nothing much change of me. But what I did learn from previous age is I need to be more and more grateful for what I have and to always live the fullest, to always do what I like cause that makes me happy and happy is my purpose in life. For me, once you feel grateful for every single thing that happens in your life I think all your worries and sorrows will go away eventually.


Okay, now let me tell you why the title of this article is “go pink or go home” cause I think as simply as I mention you before how pink is my childhood favorite color and how I find myself actually starting to love the color again, it reflects at the end of the day you'll always come back to the true you, I guess? I think it's a good thing tho remembering your childhood, at least for me it is. It brings me joy walk down to those memories. How innocent I was back then and each time I fall, each time those people put me down, or each time I feel doubtful that's what makes me who I am now. Cliche, but you know always be your (true) self, believe in yourself.



top Chanel ; skirt Mango ; bag Chanel ; hat Hello Alice ; sunglass Chanel



- E

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