April 12, 2019

5 Easy Ways to Live a Healthier Life

We have to admit, the whole big plate going on our lives can be a little tiring sometimes. When life’s going on a rapid speed movement around us, know exactly how to give yourself a break. I think it is just so important to maintain a healthy mind in this hectic world, because nothing is a bigger investment than your own mind after all.



1. Unplug yourself

I know, I know. Social media, internet, and modern technology are basically what life is right now. That’s why I feel the urgent need to unplug whenever I feel like too much of everything—oh, don’t we all have just a little excessive amount of everything lately! It is really important to set a boundary for ourselves when enough is enough. Try to put your phone aside on a certain time to enjoy the life in front of you: those small talk, raindrops, and the smell of good coffee you’re having today. You’d be surprised about how much you’re missing out before.



2. Breath in, breath out, let go for awhile

If you’re anything like me, everything that come across your mind could be an inspiration, idea, and valuable information. Although I am 100% agree with that, being a constant thinker doesn’t necessarily benefit our healthy mind. Overthinking rarely solves your problem. Take a deep breath, and learn to let go for a little while. Try refreshing your mind over something that let the stress in you out. It can be anything you like, perhaps a long overdue hobby or something new you want to try. I pick up dancing lately, and it’s been fun!



3. Be grateful, always

As cliché as it might seem, being grateful is always the key of healthy mind. Research has even proven about how positive mind can affect our daily life scientifically. Being thankful for all the little things in our life means always looking out for the brightest side of situation. Rather than dwelling on something that doesn’t go according to plan today, try to not overlook the good life you’re living.



4. Go on mental diet

As Buddha said, “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.” I read a lot of interesting articles about how our daily thought regularly shapes our deepest beliefs about ourselves and the world. That being said, what we are seeing and consuming everyday makes us who we are. If you choose to fill your mind with negativity in the world, you might find yourself to be on the edge all the time. Again, your choice. Know your surroundings, know what you’re having on regular basis and start to cut the bad influence. Let go of things that drain your energy for pointless drama, and focus on those that actually inspire you to be a better person.



5. Set a bedtime for yourself

Oh, me and my love and hate relationship with sleeping time! We know sleeping is the most efficient cure of anything, and it’s so good for your skin, and it helps you to feel energised the next day—yet, it’s just so challenging to head to bed in time. Despite all the well known facts about sleeping, setting a regular sleep schedule is a great help for your mind health too. Get yourself in sync first thing first, and own the day next!


How about you? What’s the secret of your happy mind? Remember, always love yourself first. Catching up with you later!



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- ElxiElvina Team

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