December 21, 2017

20 things I am grateful for in 2017

Insane how 2018 is about a week to go. It's funny how every single time of the year when I know that this year is going to an end I suddenly remember all those things that happened for the last 355 days, is it only me or it also happen to you?


Each year has different memories, good or bad they all happened for a reason and that what makes me who I am now. I never regret every single thing that I did, every single descision that I made, every single step that I take, cause I know for sure it happened because it has to. Nothing can ever change my mind about how grateful I am for 2017, why?


1. Wake up every single day knowing that I am healthy.

2. To be able to work for AXIOO family and get to know the people behind it who's not only become collague but friends.

3. To be able to work with several brands that loyal enough to have me again this year.

4. Experienced Melbourne Fashion Festival 2017 with Olivia Lazuardy & Anastasia Siantar.

5. Become one of 7 Indonesian Influencer by Bazaar Indonesia.

6. To be able to visit my favorite city of all time ever again : Paris.

7. Had my very first travel to Canada.

8. Had a very memorable trip with Love & Flair team and all the girls to Pulo Cinta.

9. Had a family trip to Melbourne. I love family trip. A lot.

10. Got a chance to visit Yayoi Kusama Exhibition in Singapore before it's gone.

11. To love and feel loved again.

12. Met new people. I love meeting new people.

13. My very first experience walking on the runway for Danjyo Hyoji at Jakarta Fashion Week 2017. Thankyou for the oppourtinity.

14. Met Yoyo Cao. I am a huge fan of her.

15. Had an exclusive christmas collaboration with Chlorine.

16. To finally launched my footwear brand called Chapelet.

17. To finally back again on track, working on my own brand Eli Xilona which hopefully will launch in the early 2018.

18. To finally get myself baptized and now I'm officially Seraphina Elxi Elvina.

19. Family who support me. Paps, Mom, my beloved sister and her two lovely children Joylynn & Louie and my brother.

20. You know who you are.


At the end of the day always remember that it's not about you but it's about those people who always be there for you, who understand you and who have trust in you. To everyone who read this : be grateful and never forget people who loves you. Happy Holiday!




- E


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