October 31, 2017

35mm series I

Here you are on my very first roll.


I find analog camera is very interesting; how your pictures can not be previewed until your last frame done and get your film developed. Got myself this Fujifilm Benef Camera about last month never expecting to get a good result at first, since I bought it secondhand and in a quite cheap price. Now this analog camera thingy become my new addiction



Fashion will never go far from music. So when it comes to a party, Marc Jacobs definitely nailed it with their #MusicMarc a few days ago. It was one of those great time with everyone’s everyone, good vibes, and super cool music. I am completely overwhelmed, starstrucked, and in awe throughout the whole event because it was just that good—a night to remember with so many laughter and of course, great stuffs because it’s Marc Jacobs after all.


I randomly captured my friends that night and I could tell that we had the best of time. Isn’t it just magical how we treasured all the beautiful moments forever in a tiny sheet of paper back then, way before digital camera existed? There’s an utter enjoyment when your film are being developed, the excitement to see how it turned out, something I don’t think can be replaced with anything the technology invented.


And here some pictures of me randomly captured by my friends.



Fujifilm Benef / Kodak 35mm Colorplus 200





- E

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