September 18, 2017

Style Inspiration : Gilda Ambrosio

I bet most of you don't know her name yet.


The first time I found Gilda was in that one random encounter on my Instagram. Then after stalking her back to back, I could not stand to not fall in love with her style! Even more, she's a designer and co-founder behind The Attico, so what's not to adore? I could tell that she's the true fashionista. She got that distinctive style that I never seen on anyone else before, and that was the first time I decided to call her an inspiration.





If I have to use three words to describe her style, it would be bold, daring, and exceptional. Let's talk from how she could manage two different patterns in one outfit, or how to wear that statement silver dress over her jeans, or even the coolest fur coat. Basically, she can nail everything and look amazing! Obviously with her signature long straight hair, and sunglasses on.




For me, her number one trick in styling is to wear only ONE statement piece on your outfit; call it a sparkly top, a silky outerwear, or boots in neon color. How about you? Who’s your style inspiration and what’s her number one trick?




 - E

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