September 2, 2017

Mini Bags Rule The World

The smaller your bag, the better you look.

Celebrating #Furla90Anniversary this year, how could I say no to one of the most popular mini bag these days? As you guys know, I’m talking about the ever so famous Furla’s Metropolis Bag—but this time, it is a little bit exceptional cause they have adjustable flap! How awesome is that?
You can choose your favorite color for the body, then pick one of the nine cutest flap bags which reflects an era from the 20's to 2000's each. Which one is your favorite? Tell me in the comment section below :)



I go with the classic white color (Petalo), and pick the 70's edition from a decade that also called a turntable era because it revolves around so much disco revolution. To put it even more amazing; the decade of glitter and absolute freedom of new underground culture that takes over the world. Glitter fabric, flat sails, mirrors of disco ball hanging from the nightclubs' ceilings—perfectly reflects the light of future that seemed stranger and more exciting than science fiction.



Well, you can never have too many mini bags in your closet, agree? ;)

dress MANGO ; shoes ZARA ; bag FURLA ; hat H&M



- E


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