September 11, 2017

Good Investment in A Pair of Jeans

Nothing can beat the versatility of a pair of jeans.


Have you wonder what piece that every single woman have in her closet? I can easily answer with no doubt it's a pair of jeans. you can ask to all of your girlfriends or even your mom if they have a pair of jeans or two? well at least they must have one.


let's talk about the versatility of a jeans, you can simply get a timeless look with a plain white tshirt, you can look feminine with a pretty top and your heels on, or you can kill the edgy look easily with a long outerwear and your favorite boots, or basically any kind of style. Here some jeans-piration :



Well, you can find jeans in a lot of brands right now. From the store that you frequently meet like zara until the high end brands. Truth to be true, they somehow come with good style but not comfortable, yeah it happens all the time. I've found my favorite jeans so far, since I'm a big fan of a high waisted pants (cause it makes my legs a bit longer) it's from Ksubi.



tshirt Doverstreet Market x Gosha Rubchinskiy ; jeans Ksubi ; shoes ZARA ; bag Paco Rabanne ; hat Stradivarius ; necklace H&M




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