November 21, 2017

Fallin Over Plaids

Technically, plaid isn’t the pattern’s proper name. That honor goes to the word “tartan,” which was first used to describe the individual colors and patterns used to decorate the clothes of different Scottish clans. Oh but hey I like how plaid sounds more than tartan lol


How did plaid become popular? Amazing how plaid has been remarkably succesful as a pattern. It has meant a lot of different things to many different people during thousands of years that people have been wearing this iconinc fabric. From British and American manufacturers to designers nowadays, call it Alexander McQueen to Marc Jacobs they all love plaids. Oh and don't forget how the iconic Cher style it at Clueless movie (1955) ;)


Today, you can find plaids in all fashion brands from locals to high end brands. I doubt this trend will ever go out of style! Count me in as a big fan of plaids, I have them all in shirt, pants, blazers, top, skirt, even in a single dress. You can simply get a casual look by wearing a plaid shirt and a pair of jeans, or you can go formal with a plain dress and plaid blazer. Anyway, I'll give you an easy styling idea about how to give a different look from your old plaid pieces. As easy as wear an outfit with double plaids! Here I wear a plaid high waisted shorts and another plaid pattern on my coat, going bold will always be a good idea right? This is how I style my obsession of plaids, how about yours? ;)


head to toe MANGO ; bag Givenchy




- E




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