October 26, 2017

Dots for Summer

Wearing dots for summer is always a good idea. It gives you the happy, cheery, merry feeling for instance, and we all know it is what summer all about. That being said, dots is also that pattern that lasts forever, style to style, generation to generation. It can be retro, it can be posh, it can be all the major stuffs at the same time. Well double dots? Even better!


One of my recent Bali trip’s highlight is a photosession with Sweet Escape. After we (me, Raivan, and Keshia) decided to do the photoshoot at Pantai Geger, which I know exactly to have a very beautiful white sand beach and cliff surroundings, I know I need to wear something light, but also catchy so I will look good in the pictures. After all, it’s a sweet escape, right?


Speaking of which, what comes to your mind if you need to pick a catchy outfit? As for me, I always count on a patterned outfit, and nothing other than polkadots suits summer better. This crop red polkadot top with low neck and ruffle details on the sleeves win me over, and I go rock it with the high slit skirt in black polkadot which also, has ruffle details. As the sun’s up, I tied my hair low as usual, and all iswell done.



outfit from Vintage Treasure Bali


captured byAldo Baskoro(Sweet Escape)




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