February 8, 2018

Dancing in Blue

One of my new year resolution is to read more books (re: back to my old routine where I used to read books than spend most of my days on social media)



It's not easy to change your habit on social media, anyone's with me? Well lately I'm trying to spend my free time to read books. I don't know if some of you really into books or not but from my own experience I find reading books is one of my meditation. I sitll remember one of my good friend back in high school gave me one of Dale Carnegie book as a farewell gift and I love his book ever since. The first book that I read is the notable work of him “How to Win Friends and Influence People” which one of the best book I've ever read. So when I decided to back on track with my books no other author comes in my mind but him. I bought another of his book called “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” like two weeks ago and it's the book that I currently reading now.



I haven't finished the book yet but I could tell he never fails me. The book encourage me to actually start living a better life. By the meaning of a better life I think there's no other thing than being happy. You create your own freedom, you can basically do anything what you want to make yourself happy. And in my case what makes me happy is simply where I can dress myself whatever I want, where I could wear bold pieces at the same outfit like this, or where I could just simply don't care what people think about me. So, what makes you happy?



top Zara ; skirt Zara ; shoes Forever21 ; bag Yuzefi ; sunglasses Marc Jacobs



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