December 4, 2017

Walk With Chapelet

Finally. Yes finally, it's officially launched. Me and my friend Jane both love shoes. So why don't we make one for ourselves? That was the first idea. After meetings to meetings, discussion to discussion with her we decided to start our own footwear brand together. It's called Chapelet.


meet our Winona Mules



Chapelet or pearl in english, as precious as it is. We are entitled to something classic, something typical but never likely. Rather than the future, we are connected to the long gone past the same way we appreciate sights of our favorite oldie movies. It is bits and pieces of mellow undertones and vignette burns, quotable dialogue, chic curls, hopeless romantic heroine, and cult classics.


meet our Blondie Sandals



We dance in retro spirit, we take pattern seriously; our path is made to celebrate women time to time, coalescing in one settlement of celebrated pair you love and naturally cherish. A perfect vision of what we are longing for.


meet our Cruz Mules


special thanks to Jane Karina & Danita Sigarlaki


directed and lensed by Elxi Elvina (Olympus MJU II – Agfa Vista 400)

scanned and developed at Past Tense




- E

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