14 February 2018

More Self Love

There's an actual reason for me to write this article on valentine's day. To whoever you are out there who's looking for true love, stop searching.


You might think I'm naive to say these things but what I truly know is the most important thing to do is to love yourself first. Know yourself, develop yourself, and bring out the best version of you. Do things that you always wanted to do for years and never let anyone to stop you from it, buy yourself things that makes you happy, eat your favorite food without worrying someone will judge you for eating too much, go to your favorite salon to have beauty services cause you deserve it. I'm telling you to appreciate yourself, give some love to yourself cause you're worth it. At the end of the day the one you've been looking for will find its way.




lensed : Andre Wiredja

brushed : yours truly 



- E

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