December 21, 2017

20 things I am grateful for in 2017

Insane how 2018 is about a week to go. It's funny how every single time of the year when I know that this year is going to an end I suddenly remember all those things that happened for the last 355 days, is it only me or it also happen to you?
November 6, 2017

How Do I Begin

A highly requested article on my website is revolving around the question about how to get to the state I am now. Even tho I’m still way far from a word of success,let me tell you how do I really began in the first place.
September 15, 2017


How to accept who you are? Be grateful. Many people said the same thing to me: “I want your life”, which then I answered “No, you don't,” not because my life is not good enough, but because each of you are special for the way you are.
August 15, 2017


Hi, welcome to my very first article on my new blog! I used to write at 2014, and now I'm back with the new face of #elxielvinadotcom. I truly hope this brand new #elxielvinadotcom will inspire you guys in all sort of way, cause I'll share to you my bits sight around fashion, travel, lifestyle, and even my personal story!